The Subiksha Advantage

Excitement, joy, and pride - these are the feelings that buying a home can bring, whether it is your first home, your next home or an investment property.

At Subiksha Housing Pvt. Ltd, our goal is simple  - Quality service. 24/7.

No Middlemen - Unlike standard housing agents, at Subiksha we believe in building a one-on-one relationship with the customers without the need of interact with middlemen. Therefore, customers could contact our Chairman, Krishnamurthy Balaji, directly in regard to requirements for their homes. This would not only help us understand your needs, but serve you twice as better. Today, we boast of a proven track record of delivering outstanding, secure, and attractive homes to our clientele.

Special services - Be it a rooftop dining area, barbecue area or a divine view from the balcony - we get you your dream deal.

While selling and letting property is our core business, we value your special needs to help mould your dream home. For this we offer customers a wide range of services including property maintenance, interior solutions and property management. If you have invested in a property of Subiksha Housing Pvt. Ltd, rest assured that no matter how when and where - we will be at your doorstep to help fix your problem.

Payment - Buying a home can be a rewarding experience as well as a confusing and frustrating one. We believe it is imperative that our clients deal with the best direct sources possible. Not only do we give you adequate advice on loans, mortgages and documentation, we will interact with you directly to guide you to a perfect financial plan so that you make a safe and secure investment. This way, we help you avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes.

In short, at Subiksha Housing Pvt. Ltd. expect the best service, the best properties, and the best prices.

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